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Wednesday, May 18, 2016




Conference Program



08:00 - 16:00




Conference Hall Foyer

08:00 - 09:00




Conference Hall Foyer

09:00 - 09:40

Keynote Speech:

How China Is Balancing the Rights and Interests of Innovators and Consumers in Establishing Technology Standards and IP, Antitrust and Competition Policy

Tao Wu, Professor and the Interim Dean of Law School of Central University of Finance and Economics


Patricia Bunye, Senior Partner, Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia



Conference Hall A & B

09:40 - 10:20

Keynote Speech:

Building the Future of Consumer Connections and Communications
Fengxia (Sheila) Liang, Associate General Counsel, Tencent Holdings Ltd.



Prof. Dr. Heinz Goddar, Partner, Boehmert & Boehmert


Conference Hall A & B

10:20 - 10:30

Promotion of LESI Annual Conference in 2017 in Paris, France



Conference Hall A, B & C

10:30 - 10:45

Networking Coffee/Tea Break



Conference Hall Foyer

10:45 - 12:15

Mini-Plenary Session 5
Managing the Growing Merger of Transportation and Driver Experience – Who Should Develop and Provide the Technology?

This session includes representatives of key players in the automotive transportation field, including car manufacturers from inside and outside China, and services providers such as Didi. What is the future for the car transportation field in China? Is driver experience the key issue? How are the different key players working together? Are we facing some major technology revolutions in this field, how will the access to new technologies be made possible to meet sustainability requirements? Is the Chinese situation so different from that of the rest of the world? The top professionals sitting on this panel are sure to provide the highest level of expertise available on this fascinating and relevant subject.


Rüdiger Schwarz, Head of IP & Licenses, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co. Ltd.

George Yin, General Counsel, Didi
Yan Hao, IP Counsel, Shanghai Automobile Industrial Corporation Motor Passenger Vehicle Co.
Raymond Chen, Senior IP Counsel, Faraday & Future


Arnaud Michel, Partner, GIDE



Conference Hall A & B

Mini-Plenary Session 6

Building Successful Global Collaborations

The theme of collaboration is embedded into the global DNA of this era with the trend reflected in the business development of every sector, given also the diverse opportunities brought by the enhanced connectivity in the age of the Internet of Things.  Join us in this session with leading counsels from internationally renowned companies of different industries, namely chemical and electronics; and from different regions for a most enlightening discussion on how global collaborations have driven growth of their companies in this rapidly changing hi-tech world.  Our distinguished speakers will share insights into the incentives that have led companies to join hands across industries and jurisdictions, their paths in pursuing and achieving proud results through the collaboration projects and the role Intellectual Property issues play in such endeavors.  They will share success stories as well as lessons learnt from their real-life experience.  Through this session, audience shall take on board how to formulate and build successful global collaborations as part of their strategies to face ever-intensifying competitions domestically and abroad.



Kenichi Nagasawa, Head of Corporate Intellectual Property & Legal HQ, Managing Executive Officer, Canon
Philip Yu, Assistant Chief IP Counsel, Asia Pacific, DuPont
Hananel Kvatinsky, IP Director, Orbotech Ltd.


Yvonne Chua, Consultant, Wilkinson & Grist



Conference Hall C

12:15 - 14:00


High-Tech Committee Meeting (12:30-13:30)

Life-Science Committee Meeting (12:30-13:30)

YMC Meeting (12:30-13:30)



Grand Ballroom A, B, C & D

Ballroom A

Ballroom B

Ballroom C

14:00 - 15:30

Workshop Sessions W13-W17





The Global Technology Impact Forum (GTIF), first established by LESI in 2012, as the leading forum where outstanding organizations in the business of Intellectual Property (IP) to meet, to share and to discuss the latest tools and developments affecting the IP and innovation systems globally. This discussion has included best practices and exemplary licensing terms for disseminating technology between corporations and NGOs. In general, participating organizations work collaborative to move forward a consensus agenda addressing major IP licensing and technology transfer concerns.
In this context, LESI instituted two awards to recognize those initiatives with outstanding impact in the building of good will towards IP: (1) the LESI National IP & Technology Transfer Policy Award; and, (2) LESI Award to an Outstanding Humanitarian Technology Transfer Initiative.
The workshop will feature past GTIF Award Winners from government and industry providing an update on the policies and projects making a difference in the IP landscape.


Héctor E. Chagoya C., Partner, Becerril, Coca & Becerril, S.C.


Luc Savage, VP Strategy & Dedicated Support, Orange
Matt Rainey, Director-Advisor, WIPO Academy, World Intellectual Property Organization
Michael Mangelson, Intellectual Property Attaché, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office



Function Room 2


W14  Licensing and the Unitary Patent Package

The Unitary Patent Package will provide applicants for a European Patent with the possibility to obtain the known European (bundle) patent, or a European patent with unitary effect in many countries in the form of one single patent. This single patent can be enforced and invalidated in one lawsuit filed in one country, while it may be licensed separately for different countries.

This new system will have a lot of implications for both, new and existing license agreements, as two completely different legal systems (national bundle patents and patents with unitary effect) will exist in parallel and the parties to a license agreement may choose which system to implement; even the later change from one system to the other is possible (Opt-out; Opt-in).  

Those questions shall be looked at from the perspective of the law of the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Even if definitive answers may be missing at present, licensors and licensees will obtain an insight into the problems which arise in licensing under the new regime and of the thoughts which will finally govern the solutions found by the parties – and, if need be, by the courts.”


Bonan Lin, Partner, Zhongzi Law Office


Johannes Heselberger, Partner,
Bardehle Pagenberg 
Agathe Michel-de Cazotte
, Attorney, Hogan Lovells International LLP



Function Room 3A


W15  Navigating the Interface of Intellectual Property and Antitrust – Recent developments around the globe on competition rules for technology licensing and the enforcement of IP

The interface of intellectual property and antitrust is one of the most complex and intellectually challenging area of the law. Antitrust issues most commonly arise in intellectual property cases in two areas. First, antitrust concerns are raised with respect to licensing. In general, IP holders can decide whom to license to and under what terms. However, unreasonable, or discriminatory licensing practices, or tying agreements have been found to violate the antitrust laws. Second, competition law can limit or prevent intellectual property owners from enforcing their rights. For example abusive litigation, enforcement of standard essential patent or attempts to enforce patents that are known to be invalid have resulted in antitrust liability under certain conditions. In a number of jurisdictions there are either laws or regulations to address certain aspects of the interplay between IP and antitrust, or Guidelines from the respective competition agency which show the antitrust enforcers’ current policy and views regarding the exercise of IP.



Sergey Dorofeev, Partner, Gorodissky



Dina Kallay, Director of Intellectual Property and Competition, Ericsson

Calvin Park, Senior Director and Legal Counsel, Qualcomm

Klaus Haft, Rechtsanwalt & Diplom-Physiker, Hoyng Rokh Monegier



Function Room 4A & B


W16  Trade Secrets and Know-How in Technology Transfer

Trade secrets are often described as “crown jewels” of companies. While trade secrets and know-how are increasingly important in technology transfer, they are sometime perceived as being a dangerous tool in an open innovation environment. Will the recent adoption of the EU Directive on Trade secrets help raising the level of protection of trade secrets in Europe, how does it interact with other major existing legislation such as the Uniform Trade secret Act in the US or the existing legislation in China?

During this workshop, speakers will consider what trade secrets mean for the industry and the business and how to best secure them. They will also address practical considerations on trade secret and know-how licensing, including in R&D and cooperation agreements, and will discuss enforcement strategy.


Emmanuel Gougé, Partner, Pinsent Masons LLP


Tom Duke, Senior IP Officer, British Embassy Beijing

Charlotta Ljungdahl, Vice-President Group Intellectual Property, Air Liquide

Mattia Dalla Costa, Partner, CBA Studio Legale e Tributario



Function Room 3B


W17  Licensing and Transactions of Companies in Asia Pacific Region 

Recent licensing and transactions of companies have been diversified from simple licensing of a product to M&As. Companies must maximize value with income/profit induced by licensing and transactions in addition to their own sales. The IP or patent value becomes a key factor in business transactions. However, there are also risks of transactions that companies have to bear. This workshop will provide practical insights on how Asian companies in Asian Pacific Region conduct their business in licensing and transactions as well as risk management to avoid or minimize litigation.


Ichiro Nakatomi, President & CEO, NanoCarrier Co. Ltd.


Wilaiporn Chetanachan, Director of Corporate Technology Office, SCG

Steven Liu, IP Director, MediaTek

Jeong-Joong Kim, Executive Vice President, WIPS Corporation
Jason Kim Leng Loh, Head of IP Group for ASEAN Region, Panasonic Singapore



Function Room 5

15:30 - 16:00

Networking Coffee/Tea Break



Arcade Event Center

16:00 - 17:30

Workshop Sessions W18-W22





W18  Young Entrepreneurship and IP (YMC Committee)

The workshop will cover topics related to:
a) How to deal with start-ups regarding IP; pitfalls, best practices

b) Patents and other forms of IP and its importance for start-ups

c) Monetizing of IP

d) Protection of IP

e) Freedom to operate; how to avoid abusing someone    else´s IP

f) IP education for Entrepreneurs

g)Technology transfer at universities – fostering a start-up culture in academics

h) Entrepreneurship – IP – Finance: how (young) companies can secure funds to continue growth


Thomas Adocker, Partner, Schwarz Schönherr


Emilie-Marie Mercier, Partnership contractmanager EDF

Birgit Hofreiter, Director Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center (EIC), Vienna University of Technology

Matthias Ulrich, Director, IP Protection and Compliance, Dolby Germany GmbH

John Walker, Director, Dennemeyer & Associates



Function Room 2


W19  Commercialization of Life Science Intellectual Property: the WIPO Guide for the Commercialization of

Intellectual Property

This workshop provides an overview of the key issues that will enable commercialization of intellectual property with a focus on life science academic research. Furthermore, it provides a compilation of resources for reference and future support. This workshop provides an overview of the terms, process, and methodologies for the commercialization of university inventions and the collaborative development and funding processes to make them successful. This workshop will be conducted through an interactive session led by experienced intellectual property professionals with expertise in commercialization from different perspectives.


Michael Lechter, CEO, Lechter Development Group

Gary N. Keller, CEO, Xomix Ltd.
Francois Painchaud, Partner, Robic



Funtion Room 3A


W20  Inventor Rewards and Remuneration Systems in China, Germany, and Japan

Specifically, Mr. Kenichi Nagasawa will introduce how the 2015 Patent Act amendment will change the rules of inventor rewards in Japan. Mr. Fuen Qiu will introduce the requirement of current Chinese Patent Law on inventor rewards and remuneration, and main considerations of the State IP Office in China about the draft Regulations on Service Inventions. Mr. Chengji Zhang will introduce the requirements of inventor rewards and remuneration in Germany, and share their experiences on how to meet the strict German requirements in practice.


Chuanhong Long, Vice President, CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office



Kenichi Nagasawa, Head of Corporate Intellectual Property & Legal HQ, Managing Executive Officer, Canon

Fuen Qiu, Deputy Director of No. 1 Division of the Treaty and Law Department, State IP Office (SIPO), China

Chengji Zhang, Patent Manager, Evonik Degussa (China) Co., Ltd.


Function Room 3B


W21  Initiatives to Promote Patent and Technology Exchange in Asian Countries

Asian countries are now the most important patent owners in the world economy. The needs to diffuse, exchange, license inventions and patents become increasingly prevalent for these economies, and the repercussion for the innovation global economy could be immense and disruptive. Some initiatives have been taken and reflections are going for the implementation of IP marketplace and patent exchange and licensing mechanisms like Japan LSIP, CTEX China, Singapore hub…

Open innovation and technology transfer are recognized as key for prospect growth and wealth and they should be combined with a true enforcement of Intellectual Property rights.

The workshop aims to make a situation analysis and to discuss the possible scenarios for the future.


Patrick Terroir, Chair, LESI Patent and Technology Licensing Committee
Dr. Qinghong Xu, Partner, Lung Tin Law Firm


Shugui Guo, President, of China Technology Exchange (CTEX)
Charlotta Ljungdahl, Group Intellectual Property Director, Air Liquide

Dr. Sze Tiam Lin, Director, IPI Singapore

Xiaowei Hu, General Manager, Shenzhen PAIF IP Investment Co.
Roy Chen, Managing Director, SISVEL Hong Kong Ltd.



Function Room 4A&B


W22  Recent Trends in IP Litigation in Asia Pacific Region

This session will examine the recent trends and developments in IP litigation notably patent and trade mark litigation in the countries within the Asia Pacific region. Recent case law and themes in selected countries in the Asia Pacific region will be showcased from the perspective of changes to domestic laws and the impact on the effective management of IP rights.


Pauline Khor, Partner, Rahmat Lim & Partners


François Neuville, Executive Director, Hong Kong - Commonwealth – Asean Darts-ip
Yuhe Wu, Deputy Director, China Patent Agents (HK) Ltd. Beijing Office
Philip Heuzenroeder, Principal, Spruson & Ferguson 
Susan Villenueva, Partner, Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia
Chang Sik Kim, Special Counsel, Covington & Burlington LLP


Function Room 5

18:00 - 19:00




Conference Hall Foyer

19:00 - 22:00

Gala Dinner



Conference Hall


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