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LES International Management and Delegates Meetings (IMDM)

Welcome to our International Annual Conference 2016


Dear Attendees, LES Members, future members, and friends,


It is my honour and privilege to invite you to LESI 2016 conference in Beijing, as the importance of China to the World economy continues to grow and China focuses on promoting innovation and IP commercialization.


Our friends from LES China have prepared an excellent program that will be informative and helpful for licensing professionals and foreign companies with an interest in China. The program will include examples of successful Chinese companies doing business with the rest of the World, and additional programs with an international focus.


There will be ample opportunities to net work with fellow licensing professionals from many different countries. The conference organizing committee also is planning social events that will allow attendees to experience the fascinating local culture while they network.


I hope to welcome you in Beijing on May 13-15, 2016


Jim Sobieraj


Jim Sobieraj
President LES International